Stock Exchange Indices

Value Move %
FTSE 100
7674.6001 +64.8003 +0.85%
FTSE 250
21886.0996 +164.9004 +0.76%
FTSE 350
4311.0601 +35.7002 +0.84%
FTSE All Shares
4257.9302 +35.1402 +0.83%
Dow Jones
29348.0996 +34.7891 +0.12%
7158.0000 -250 -3.37%

Meet Mark Eynon

    01548 856096

    Mark Eynon
    Operations Manager

    Mark has over 25 years of experience in the Finance Services industry. After a successful career as a top-performing adviser with a global financial institution providing quality financial advice to personal, commercial, and private client customers he brings his skills and expertise to the role of Operations Manager. He has overall responsibility for the research team, including line management, training and supervision, to ensure consistency of service and quality.

    When not working, Mark spends his time with his family, dogs, and horses. He particularly enjoys holidays in the sunshine.