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Financial planning in any business is vital. A well-structured business plan offers a guide for the overall operation of the business and the way finances will be controlled within a business. The significance of financial planning for your business can be seen in how cash flows in and out of the business. It is very difficult for a business to be financially stable if they have not set out a suitable financial plan. This is because comprehensive financial planning is the backbone for a successful business.

Without a financial plan a company is in danger to lose its financial grip and the results can be disastrous. The importance of financial planning for your business is best seen when a company is faced with a situation concerning outstanding debts and rising cost.

So to be able to be ready for the situation in advance, the company should have prepared a proper financial plan ahead of time. The success of a business is greatly determined by the financial plans they have laid out and how well it is followed.

Here are ten key areas of financial planning we like to discuss with all our clients..

  1. Income
  2. Cash Flow
  3. Capital
  4. Family Security
  5. Investment
  6. Standard of Living
  7. Financial Understanding
  8. Assets
  9. Savings
  10. Ongoing Advice


Clearwater Financial Planning are a firm of financial advisers, with a wealth of experience helping organisations to reach their goals. Our combination of experience, research and service can add real value to your business when you are looking for financial advice to make sure your business works at its optimum.

Give us a call at any time to discuss financial plans for your business.

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