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With the tax year-end fast approaching, it’s time to make the most of your annual allowances. Use your ISA allowance Think about topping up your tax-efficient savings. The maximum amount that can be saved into an ISA this tax year is £15,240, increasing to £20,000 from April. For Junior ISAs, […]

Income Needs in Retirement

Income Needs in Retirement Retirement presents a series of opportunities and challenges; a primary concern for many people is ensuring they don’t run out of money. A sustainable, well-structured retirement income strategy is therefore desirable for any retiree. To enjoy a comfortable old age means doing some in-depth thinking well […]


CHALLENGES IN A POST-BREXIT WORLD The vote to exit the EU came as a shock to many, including the City which was clearly expecting a Remain vote. Many have been left contemplating what the future holds and how markets will react, especially considering that the formal negotiations to leave the […]

What happens to your pension pot when you die?

If you have money remaining in your pension pot If you die before you take any money from your pension, it will usually be paid as a lump sum to your beneficiaries tax-free. As long as it is less than the lifetime allowance (£1.25million in tax year 2015/16) it will […]


HELP TO BUY ISAS Many first time buyers struggling to save enough to put down a deposit for their first home will welcome the government’s new scheme to encourage home ownership. Called the Help to Buy Individual Savings Account (ISA), it launches on 1st December 2015. It is designed to […]

10 good reasons to pay into a pension before April

10 good reasons to pay into a pension before April To help, I’ve put together 10 reasons why you may wish to boost your pension pots before the tax year end. 1. Immediate access to savings for the over 55s The new flexibility from April will mean that clients over 55 […]

Pension Death tax due to be reduced

Pension Death tax due to be reduced Pensioners will be able to leave more cash to their loved ones when they die after the government announced plans to reduce the death tax on pension pots. Currently, a charge of 55% is levied on any remaining invested pension when the pension […]

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